Hayabusa V8 engine - Technology continues showing its Magics!

Hayabusa V8 engine

Drastic excessive Sports Cars in progress edifice race cars motorized by superbike engines back in 1996. They began using Suzuki engines and they seem like they have been quite booming.

Their newest creation, the SR8, goes a rung farther. Instead of just falling in a inclusive engine, they built a V8 by grafting two Hayabusa engines collectively. So far the numbers are 372hp and the facility to rev to above 10,000rpm, which is not strange in a motorcycle but fairly a spin in a sedan.

The SR8, depending on gearing can top 200mph. It seems we are seeing more of this kind of compound engineering recently and it may be the effect of the ample accessibility of computer CAD/CAM software, making able lesser shops to go seats anywhere only main firms old to go.

 The Motoczysz C1 comes to brain as another new instance of engine modifications by a small designer. Thus we may be seeing a lot extra of this and of course it is one that can't be waited. This kind of creative aptitude has always existed but currently present are more opportunities for it to be realized.



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